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If you have visited my twitter account, or some of my blog posts, you will know that I like politics. I’m probably not as involved as I used to be when The Washington Post, France24, Reporters without Borders, Jerusalem Post, and many other organizations use to follow me. The reason for that is, I spent too much time on social media and my personal life suffered immensely. I have concluded that the world is what it is and there will always be people who try to ruin things for everyone else. But there are also good people in positions of power who fight them back, and I like to support the good people. Nowadays, I try to balance my life by spending time with people I care about, take care of my health and home life, and write about topics that are important, by bringing attention to some of the issues that are going on around us. 


I try not to concentrate on frictions among governments. I focus on staying connected to people living all over the world. We must stick together if we want humanity to survive. I don’t care if you are from Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, Africa, Egypt, Tunisia or Timbuktu. I like everyone. We are all connected, and when we hurt each other, other life forms, or the environment, we hurt ourselves.


I’m neither a democrat nor a republican.  I am centered and prefer politicians who are centered. Unfortunately, things rarely workout the way they’re supposed to because of special interest groups who make sure that your vote goes to not someone you want, but someone they want in office.


It is tough to support politicians, because if by some miracle your favorite person takes office, they forget about their promises. The reality is that they get dragged into an abyss without a say so. I think that Steven Greer explains this best in his documentary titled, unacknowledged, when he tells you straight out that our government is run by a handful of people who never leave office. They are the unknowns in the background who make all the decisions. That is not to say that we should not vote, but we should also realize the reality of how things work.

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